I am a horrible procrastinator. Combine that with the fact that I have the memory of an impaired goldfish and I don’t get stuff done that needs to be done. Painting, great, no problem…that’s fun. Shipping said painting yeah, I can do that tomorrow. Maybe the next day. A week later and I am freaking out that I forgot to send someone something.

In an attempt to get myself to do things in a timely manner I decided I needed a note board. If I made it really fancy, ugly fluorescent notes stuck all over it will drive me insane, forcing me to complete tasks I would otherwise put off and/or forget about just to get the ugly notes off the board.  That is the theory anyway.

I have seen fancy ones online and figured I would break into my hoard of supplies.  I was quite excited to find I already had everything I could possibly need for this project. Stuff I bought 7 years ago came in handy! Well that and the fact that my red neck side comes out in projects like this keeping me from being inhibited by the intended purpose of items. Two cardboard boxes, one sheet of fleece, one sheet of batting, an old table runner, some unused ribbon, a hot glue gun, a needle and thread, and some duct tape (this would not be a true redneck project if I didn’t find a use for duct tape) later…I made a note board without needing to buy new supplies!  I even added some sheet music pieces and dried roses for that extra level of fancy.

Here is the board mounted up on my wall. As you can see I hate bare walls.

Everything looks so much better at night!

The only real problem is that now I don’t want to mess it up by putting ugly notes all over it. I don’t think my plan is going to work.  Maybe after the newness wears off I can bring myself to use it as intended.

Also, what the heck?! I blogged twice in one day?