We all want to share our work with the world. There is a good chance that the methods you’re using are just wasting valuable time. Today I’m sharing 4  ways to waste your time posting  on social media, and how to fix them.

#1 – The wrong target audience

Are you sharing your wildlife artwork in forums and groups centered around cars or flowers? Understand who your artwork is targeted for, and share to them. Assuming the group allows you to share off topic subjects (many will just delete your post), what is the point? It’s not about making sure all the people see your work, it’s about sharing your work with the right people. Instead join groups and forums full of people who share the same interest in the subject matter and style that you’re painting. You’re going to gain a lot more fans that way than with those not interested in what you’re creating.

#2 – Tagging a bunch of people in your work

This is a great way to have yourself reported and/or blocked. Tagging people is only appropriate if it is a painting you did for them, if they are in the painting, if they were the photographer of your reference photo,  or in my case if it is a painting you did from one of my videos and you’re crediting me as the original artist. If one of those things is not true, DO NOT TAG INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE!!! This is selfish and inconsiderate. You will not gain valuable followers this way, but you are very likely to have yourself blocked so that people won’t ever see anything you do in the future. Almost everyone on my blocked list on facebook was someone who was a tag spammer.

#3 – follow 4 follow/sub4sub 

I’ve talked about this in a vlog before but just a reminder…follow 4 follow and sub4sub does not work. You end up wasting a bunch of time following other people who do not care about your work. Numbers don’t matter if they aren’t real people who are honestly interested in your work.  This is also a great way to have people block you, so you’re hurting yourself more than helping.


#4- Don’t just observe

Sure, when you’re new to a platform it’s a great idea to just sit back and watch what other people post to get a feel for proper social media etiquette. But at some point you have to realize that it’s time to interact. You can’t sit around waiting for people to find you. Get out there and start interacting. Retweet posts, comment on other people’s posts, join in on discussions. These platforms are called social media for a reason. If you’re not being social, you’re wasting your time being there!