Acrylic painting

Acrylic painting

This week’s painting critique is a painting by artist Tayler Edwards. This is acrylic on plywood. I was so impressed with the more abstract elements of this piece combined with realism. Tayler combined these styles beautifully.

Using sketchbookPro to check the painting for accuracy.

using sketchbookPro to check the painting for accuracy.

I’ve used SketchbookPro on my Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet to check for accuracy. I layered the original reference photo on top of the painting, then outlined the original in pink. I then removed the reference photo and left the pink lines allowing us to see anything major that might be off on the painting.

One things that can be adjusted to improve on this painting even more is that the nostril on the left is too small. I’m comparing with his reference photo which is a beautiful photograph by Mustafa Seven (google him if you want to see some amazing black and white photographs). Given how dark the jacket and hat are on this piece, I would also hype up the contrast (the darks for the most part) on the shadows on the face. Some of the shadows on the wrinkles on the man’s face are a little off, which changes the expression and shape of the face. When painting or drawing wrinkles it’s important to pay attention to those details. The inside and outside corners of the white of the eyes need a shadow to make them look round instead of flat.

For the jacket and shirt, the white of his shirt is so white that it is drawing your attention too much to that area and away from the face. Save your whitest whites for highlights. You don’t want to leave very many things flat white like this. The highlights on the jacket could also use a bit of shading instead of being outlined in white.

Overall though, this is an amazing painting!! Tayler definitely had some serious talent! If you want to see more of his work, you can follow him on instagram

I have a few more tips included in the video 🙂