Today’s submission is by artist Riarne Adam who has  a youtube channel here called “Beautiful Art  by Riarne Adam“.  She has airbrushed this piece on a pillowcase! My pillowcase suddenly feels really boring!

I love how you’ve balanced the dragon side with the human side. This could totally fit with one of my favorite books! You’ve got really great contrast on that dragon side too!




Looking at a few things we can adjust to improve on this one even more, looking at the human side, it feels a bit unfinished. Not wrong just not complete. You’ve got such wonderful shading on the dragon side, I would pull some of that contrast over to the other side as well. Maybe not quite so dark, but darker than what it is here for sure. You’ve started shading the hair, cheekbone, nose etc, but not quite finished. Now I wouldn’t overdo it either, leave some of the lightest colors showing through for sure!

Her hair feels a bit stringy because you’ve focused more in individual strands rather than clumps of hair. You have clumps too, but add more shading to those clumps will help it to look natural. I will say though that you’ve done a beautiful job in the movement of the hair!

The area around her mouth you’ve added more harsh shadows than you would want in this area, there are almost lines above her mouth like a mustache. You will want to keep this area much softer. For her lips, the upper lip overall is lighter than the lower lip. Because of how lips are shaped, for most people the upper lip will be cast in shadow so that one should be darker.

Onto her eyes, the eye lashes are thicker at the ends. When airbrushing you want to master the “dagger stroke”. This is where the stroke starts out thicker and ends super thin, where the line just fades out. We use that stroke on SO many things with airbrushing. The eyelashes would be one example. You want them to start thicker at the base and get thinner towards the ends.

For her eyebrow, it’s a bit harsh right now. This is where I would also use dagger strokes and keep it much softer.


This is a really fun piece, your contrast and balance between the dragon and human side is just awesome, it makes you want to keep looking! Great work!