This week’s submission comes from artist Kell Taylor. She has painted this piece digitally. The contrast in this is beautiful, and I love the softness of the sun and how you’ve lit where the rays of light are hitting. There is a great flow with the placement of the cave walls, and I love the purple that you’ve brought into that area.

Taking a look at some adjustments you can make to improve on this even more, the first thing I notice about this is that it’s blurry. The entire thing is out of focus. There is nothing for my eyes to land on so I find myself quickly wanting to look away. Having the soft out of focus look is great, but you don’t want it everywhere because it will make the viewer uncomfortable. We don’t know where we are supposed to look!

You can either pull the cave walls into focus by adding sharper detail¬†or pull the mountains in the distance into focus by sharpening those edges. You could also bring in an additional element like a bird flying by that would be in focus. You just need to create somewhere for the viewer’s eye to land.

On the clouds, you’ve added slight highlights, but the brush tip you used was SO small that it didn’t really blend into the rest of the cloud, they are almost just outlined. If you let the highlight fade slightly into the cloud (leaving the outside edges sharper as you have them now), that will make them look more realistic.

My last suggestion is on the rays of light coming from the sun, there are really only two that stand out. I would add at least one more to give it a more natural look.