Question: How do you make yourself known if you are a very young artist etc. 10-12 years old and you are actually very good?

This is a rough question so I’m going to answer it in two parts. I also think that this can apply to new artists no matter how old they are.

First, I’ve not seen your work so I have NO idea what quality you’re producing. I do want to say though that most times that I had an artist in that age group come to me and announce that they were very good at art already, they were almost never as good as they thought they were. Ahhh that sounds so mean all in its own. The thing is, at 10-12 years old, you can’t have been taking art very seriously until fairly recently. This means you probably have a lot to learn still. That doesn’t mean you’re not doing a great job, just that I don’t want you to stop pushing as hard as you can to learn as much as you can. This is something that all artists of every skill and experience level should be striving for.  I only bring this up because I’ve seen SO many young or new artists have the attitude that they already were great so they didn’t need to improve, and that they were ready to compete with the professionals. These artists refused to hear tips or advice from anyone and didn’t progress far in their work because of it.

Now, that said, let’s move onto your actual question. Let’s say you’re producing work that people want to see and/or buy. The first thing is to get it out there and in front of an audience. State fairs usually have art shows that feature students art. Talk to the art teacher at your school and ask them how to get involved in this. If your teacher does not know, don’t give up, keep asking until you get an answer. I made this mistake when I was in high school. I asked the art teacher at my school. She was not helpful at all. She insisted it was almost impossible to get into and not to bother. Now this woman didn’t know me or my work so it wasn’t an issue of my stuff not being good enough. She just didn’t want to take the time to help (much like how she taught her classes). I later found out that it wasn’t difficult at all to get involved in the state fairs like this.

Check for any art competitions that you can get involved with. This can be helpful because it will expose you to other artists and their work. You will be able to meet a lot of people this way. Now that does not mean everyone is going to start throwing money at you demanding your work. Not by a long shot. Getting yourself known takes years and years of work. While there are those few stories where someone was “discovered” and fame hit them upside the head, that almost never happens to most artists. We have to work our butts off to get our work out there.

In addition to competitions, start getting  your work online. This is not going to be any different for you than it would be for any other artist.  Make an instagram account and facebook art page and post everything you draw there. Instagram is such a great platform for artists to get their work seen on. Given your age, youtube may work great for you because other kids your age are really going to relate to you. Start vlogging and sharing your process of creating art. I have tons of social media tips for artists on this channel that will help you out in growing a fan base that way.