Question: I recently had an exhibition of my artwork and got a lot of positive feedback. Many asked if they were on sale and I said yes. After revealing the price, they said it was overpriced. Then I reduced it but still no hope. Please help. 

Ah the joys of selling artwork. The average person has NO idea how much time and how much money in supplies goes into creating what we do. You are ALWAYS going to have people complain about the price no matter how much you charge. You need to set a fee that you are comfortable with and stick to it. I have a post going over tips for pricing your artwork, so make sure to check that out.

What I will tell you is DO NOT LOWER YOUR PRICE WHEN SOMEONE ASKS. Do not let them guilt you into charging less because they “really want it”. If they really want it, they will pay your asking price. As you saw, lowering your price didn’t help…but if anyone heard that you lowered your prices you just devalued all of your work.

I recommend offering prints that they can have at the lower cost. I have SO many stories about people wanting huge original paintings for around $20. Uh…no. I don’t even recommend having sales where your prices are lowered for a short time. You’re not a supermarket. You’re an artist. If you start lowering your prices that WILL devalue all of your work. your prices should only ever go up.

Now one thing I will ask is has your work ever sold at whatever your current asking price is? Usually, you want to start in a lower to medium range, as you get sales, then re-evaluate your prices and raise them. You don’t want to start high and have to drop them because they never sell.

My biggest tip is do not feel guilty about your prices. Art is a luxury item. People don’t NEED original artwork. You’re not shorting them food they need. You’re providing an item and they can choose to or not to buy it. Be confident in the prices you set and don’t back down because one buyer wants a deal and don’t let them feel your work isn’t worth it’s price just because it’s out of their price range. If others have been willing to pay that price for your work then it IS worth the price you’re asking.