Roei writes:  hi Lisa,
something that came up to me when I figured out my commission prices is if a company contact me to draw something for them (not that it happened but I can dream) do I charge more because they are a big company and can afford it or do I charge them the same like I charge any other client?
thank you for your help,

I don’t think this comes down as much to whether the company is big or small as much as it does the fact that if a company hires you to make a piece they probably also want copyright. That is a whole different situation.

Let’s say a company hires me to paint a piece that they intend to hang on their office wall. No, I would not charge them one penny more than I would any other client.

If the company hires you to paint something they are going to print on their packaging or use as a logo that is going to require you to sell them the copyright of the piece and is where the prices change. You aren’t just selling them a painting, you’re selling them the rights to reproduce that painting. You are creating something that they are going to be making a profit from.  You are selling your rights to be able to make prints, which means you will make less in the long run. Your prices will reflect that. These situations will cost the company much much more than if they were buying a piece to hang on their wall. For me, how big or small the company is does not factor in. That to me starts feeling sleazy. The only time it would possibly factor in for me is how much that work is going to be distributed. Is it going to be used on something that they will sell millions of copies of? Well, for that you may want to sell it for more than a company that plans to put the art on 100 flyers.