I am regularly asked where I buy my supplies. I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of art supply stores that you guys use from around the world in addition to where I buy my stuff. If you have a suggestion, fill out the form and I will update the page 😀 Don’t forget to include the city/state/country with your suggestions.

Stores located in the US
Hobby Lobby If they carry it, it’s usually the best price around.
Asel Art Supply This is a North Texas small chain where I buy Fredrix canvases.
http://www.royalsoftgripbrushes.com/ This is where I get the mop brushes that I use for oil painting.
http://www.dickblick.com/ If you use this link for DickBlick when you make a purchase, I get a tiny affiliate commission to help me buy more art supplies for more videos 😀
Jerry’s Artarama Both DickBlick and Jerry’s have the largest selection of materials I’ve found anywhere.
Coast Air Brush Located in Anaheim, Ca, these guys are super knowledgeable on all things airbrush.
Jason Morgan How to paint wildlife ebooks, videos and royalty free reference CDs for artists
JetPens.com This is where I get my Ain 4B lead. This is the darkest graphite lead I can find, it gets FAR darker than a normal 9b pencil.
Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff
Art Supply Warehouse
Michael’s Arts and Craft stores
Joanne’s is sort of an art store but last time I went in, their art section had been reduced to a slice of one shelf that was about 3 feet wide. There was no reason for me to go back there for anything.
If you’re near Grand Rapid’s MI, T-Square Art Supplies
If you’re in Northern California Art University
San Clemente Art Supply in California
Utrecht Art Supplies
Blue Ridge Oil Colors
Crafts 2000 if you’re in Ohio, Michigan, or West Virginia
Daniel Smith
A.C. Moore has several stores on the east coast.
Pat Catan’s in the Midwest

Stores located in the UK
Ken Bromley’s
Lawrence art store
ROSEMARY & co brushes
http://www.artifolk.co.uk/ This site has free shipping with orders over $20
Jackson’s Art Supplies
Cowling & Wilcox
Seawhite of Brighton (near Sussex)
Cass Art in London

Stores located in Canada
Opus Art Supplies

Stores located in Germany
located in Bremen

is a shop in France

Stores located in The Netherlands
Teken & Schilder
De Kwast
Art Supplies, Arnhem
Foxy Studioin Katwijk

Stores located in Australia
Riot Art and Craft
Eckersley’s Art and Craft

Stores located in Denmark
Aart de Vos

Stores located in India
Flipart This is a retailer who sells all sorts of things, but does carry art supplies as well