I see this all the time. It is almost always from very new, very amateur artists. They paint or draw something. They are excited about their new creation and want the world to see. Nothing wrong up to this point. The problem is when they post it on facebook then tag 20-50 people in the photo. This is tag spamming. STOP IT! No one appreciates this practice. It makes you look like a giant jerk head. DON’T BE A GIANT JERK HEAD!

The issue with this activity is that it not only irritates those who you tag, but it also irritates all their friends who end up seeing your work on their newsfeed. You’re managing to irritate a LOT of people. This is in no way beneficial to you. If you want your work seen, share it in the appropriate art groups, on your own FB art page, or whatever other social media site you want. But don’t think you’re going to become well known by tagging every artist or person you can get onto your own friends list. You’re just going to get yourself blocked and unfriended by a lot of people.