February was not kind to me. I began the month with a bang,  getting one graphite portrait done and three oil paintings of children started. After 3 of the most productive days I have had in years things went downhill fast. It started out with a heart infection. It took a week of horrible headaches before I had to admit that a trip to the Dr was in order for a diagnosis and treatment.  After a few days of treatment I started feeling better, totaling almost two weeks of being sick from that. I never get colds or the flu, its honestly been years. Normally the worst I get is sick from gluten contamination. The heart infection must have made my immune system decide to go on vacation because after a total of two days of feeling better from that, a cold/flu set in. This also really set off my fibromyalgia symptoms making the whole thing not very pleasant.

A few days into the lovely cold/flu thing I was up on the counter looking for cough drops. When I hopped off I landed wrong and sprained my ankle.  The lovely part about this is because my fibro was already flared up from everything else, this felt SO much worse than it actually was. I was certain it was broken, and it really isn’t even that bad of a sprain.  REALLY FEBRUARY?!?! REALLY!? God must be trying to tell me just to stay in bed for an entire month…because that’s what ended up happening. Well bed and playing way too much warcraft.  I now have a geared 85 lock to add to my collection instead of new paintings /sigh.

An entire month later my headaches are just starting to subside enough that I am ready to get back to the easel. I have three portraits, one surreal piece, an IG portrait and a still life oil painting waiting for me. I’m pretty excited to get back to work! I should have some new time lapse videos and paintings to share within a couple of weeks =D