This week’s submission comes from artist Amber Pritchard who has painted this piece in acrylics! I LOVE the flow of this painting and the combination of black and white with color. The composition is stunning!

Taking a look at a few things we can adjust to improve on this even more, first, one of the things you have to watch when painting portraits in black and white is that it’s really easy to make the subject look like a stone statue. The blending on your hands looks great, but when we move onto the shadow on the cheek, that is really harsh. The same stone feel is also occurring on the hair. On these areas I would soften the contrast a bit and do a little more blending between the lights and darks.

My next tip is on the white of the shirt. Remember when painting white, you only really want your brightest highlights flat white. Everything else will be various darker shades. Straight white makes an area look very flat.

My last tip is for getting photos of your artwork. Black I know is very hard to photograph. It’s just SO reflective. You will want to take the photo with indirect light. You may have to try several areas of your home to find the right location and lighting. Remember to never take photos of your art with the flash.