Today’s critique comes from artist Hannah J. Kwiatek.  Hanna has primarily worked in abstracts and said that this was way out of her comfort zone. Hannah, I love that you tried something different from your usual style. You’ve done a great job. I especially like the lighting and detail work that you have on the frame. the glass jar is awesome as well, you’ve done a nice job on making it look translucent!

Looking at a few things that we can adjust to improve on this piece even more, first looking at the glass jar, the upper edge you can see is not even on both sides. The curve on the upper right hand corner is higher up than it is on the left. When doing something like this, make sure to double check that it’s even.

unnamed (4)

Next is on the butterflies. It appears that you’ve taken two models and repeated their position for all 5 butterflies. To get a more natural look, I would adjust the positioning of them so they aren’t repeating. I do love that you’ve adjusted the sizes on each of the butterflies, good call there! I would also add a bit of shading on the butterflies. Right now they feel flat. By adding some shadows and highlights, you can make them look much more three dimensional.
My last tip is on photographing your artwork. You want to make sure that your camera is set up perfectly even with the work itself. Here you’re camera is coming down at a slight angle 🙂