This week’s submission comes from artist Diane Sternlieb. She drew this beautiful horse with Polychromos and Luminance colored pencils. WOW! This is so awesome, I really love the high contrast on the face, it just pulls you in!

I think that this piece is just such a perfect example of the importance of contrast. This angle is not one that most would typically draw because it can be hard to get dimension from this photo…but the contrast did it! You’ve achieved this amazing 3D look on a very difficult angle to get that on! From your photo you’ve hyped up the contrast so much that it makes everything just pop! Another thing that I think you did perfectly was the fur on the face. The fur can be seen, you can clearly see the texture, the direction the fur goes in…but he doesn’t look fluffy. If you try to draw in too much fur texture on a subject that would otherwise be very sleek, you can make them look scruffy. There is a balance that needs to be found between detail and smoothness and you’ve got that here.

That brings me onto the body, not having the detail of fur texture pushes the body back farther, which is a huge part of why this piece looks so three dimensional.

I only have two small adjustments I might make on this (and this is getting really nit-picky because everything is so awesome) would be to tone down the body, or darken it a bit on the left, and on the ears…just a touch. This will help make the head feel like it stands out that much more.

You can still see the detail, the highlights, it’s just toned down a bit which makes the head pop out even more. The reason I toned down the ears goes a bit farther, having something that bright right at the top of the piece draws the viewer’s attention off the page. By toning those down and keeping the brightest points on the face, this keeps the viewer looking where you want them to!

This piece is just stunning! You’ve taken a photo that wasn’t great to work from and made it phenomenal!