Now that I have a FAQ page on my site, I’ve opened up a Q&A option for questions not covered there! Today I’m answering three quick questions that are all related to colored pencil!

 Alex Cabistany Weber who asks: Can you tell me what’s the difference between Bristol paper and the Fabriano extra white hot pressed 140lb watercolor paper? I have only tried the bristol paper.

The bristol vellum is very VERY smooth. It’s ok for graphite, but for the techniques I use with colored pencil I no longer use it. It just doesn’t have enough tooth for my pencils to stick to, so it limits how many layers I can apply. I also find that it’s harder to get good color saturation on the bristol vellum with the techniques I use than it is on the Fabriano Artistico HP. The fabriano has just the right amount of tooth for me and it is strong enough that I don’t have to worry about it warping or tearing easily.

Lee Fidler asks:  I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the blending markers for coloured pencils.  Thanks a bunch

They work ok for smaller areas but they run out of solvent quite fast. Given their cost, I don’t think they are remotely worth buying. Odorless mineral spirit with a paint brush gives you more flexibility in how you blend and costs a LOT less to use. Those markers won’t even last one 11×14″ drawing for how much blending I do.

Marcus asks: I have a little question. I need to now what I have to take for blending polychromos?
and is it possible to spray with the airbrush over the polychromos? or is this not a good idea?

I have a video showing you how to blend here. As for the airbrush, nope, adding airbrush over colored pencil is not a good idea. The airbrush paint is likely going to be water based. You do not want to add water based products over an oil or wax based pencil because you will end up with archival problems later on down the road. You can add colored pencil OVER the airbrush paint, but not the other way around. Not if you want your work to last.