Today’s critique is from artist Sharif. This is a charcoal drawing that is 11×14″. Sharif’s goal was high contrast photorealism. This piece is stunning. The perspective of the beak stands out most to me, it is just SO well done. The details in the eye and feathers are beautiful and the contrast is stunning. While I don’t have your reference photo, your drawing looks as though it is quite accurate which is the most important step in creating a photorealistic piece.

Taking a look at a couple of things that we can adjust to reach your goals of photorealism. The first thing that I notice is that the finer detail in some of the feathers is not consistent throughout. Some are super sharp in their details while some areas are softer, almost a bit out of focus. This continues onto the beak. If you just sharpen up that outer edge of the beak, it makes the detail more uniform, pulling the piece together more.

The only other thing that I might adjust is to create a bit more of a shadow on the upper section of the eye, then round off the highlight just a bit to create a more three dimensional look for the eye.

Overall this piece is amazing. You are getting so much detail here that I think just a bit more time in some of the details and you will be closer to the look you’re going for.