Today’s submission comes from artist Christine Weber. You can view more of her work at or She has completed this painting in acrylics.  This is a beautiful piece! You’ve got the curve of the ears, the shine on the face and the detail in the mouth beautifully done!!



Taking a look at a few things we can adjust to improve on this even more, first let’s look at the coat. On the face you’ve got the fur super sleek and short, which is correct for the breed. On the neck and chest you’ve started getting the brush strokes longer, which makes him start to look a bit scruffy. On breeds like Dobermans or greyhounds, make sure not to try and create extra texture for the fur. Sometimes it really is better to just hit your highlights and shadows and resist the urge to add bonus detail.

The next thing about the coat is that your highlights are all grey. This can really make the dog look aged. Instead of grey, try blues, which would look amazing with the orange background. I would also pull some of the orange into the highlights as well (not overlapping the blue, but in other areas). This will help him to look like his coat is even glossier vs grey.

Next, moving onto the mouth. Your detail is AMAZING!! The only change I would make is to adjust the highlights. Everything is a bit too bright. I suspect this is how it looked in your photo, but you’ve not got this guy painted in a darker background and you need to account for that in your painting. The tongue and teeth are so bright that my attention is just pulled straight there. With dogs, just like people, the teeth are not going to be this white. You want to get a lot more shading in there. Here I would do this just by glazing. You’ve got the detail and shape, so the hard part is done! Now just correct your values to work better with the overall piece!

This is a beautiful piece, as is all the work on your website! Great job!!