In today’s critique, we’re looking at this graphite drawing by artist Jorge Mendoza. You did such an amazing job in the drawing and shading. You’ve got great contrast which is huge! This was done with a #2 pencil and is a perfect example of what can be accomplished in graphite with a single pencil. While I like my full graphite sets, if you don’t have a full set, don’t let that stop you from creating something awesome! I know a lot of artists will use the excuse that they can’t paint or draw because the supplies are too expensive. If that is the case, grab a single pencil and a pad of paper and get to work! You don’t *NEED* all the other stuff to get started. Perfect your drawing skills and your understanding of contrast and shading like Jorge has done. Then when you can get more supplies, you’re going to have a great foundation. Had you waited around until you could buy more expensive supplies you would have missed out on so much experience that you could have gained with just a number 2 pencil and pad of paper.

I have a few of suggestions to improve on your piece even more. First is to hype up the contrast a bit more. Now given that you’re working with a #2 pencil here, you can only get so dark. You really have done a great job. I would recommend picking up a 9B pencil though and using that for your really dark areas. I also really like the Generals Layout Extra Black pencil. Those can be purchased in a two pack for a couple of dollars from most art stores (depending on where you live of course).

My next suggestion is to add some dust around the rhino’s feet. These guys kick up a lot of dust when they run, and adding some will add more atmosphere to your piece.

You’ve done a great job with this! Keep it up!!