Today’s critique was submitted by artist Alex Nix-James. This was done with spraypaint. I am always amazed at what some of you create with spraypaint. I tried working with spraypaints once. It ended with a mess on my paper, and a blue lawn. I could not control those cans! I love your creativity in this design. There is so much going on that I could look at this for an hour!  I love your scene inside a scene with the taj mahal!


Looking at some things that can be adjusted to improve on this piece even more, first is the yellow and blue/black in the sky. You have to be really careful when using these colors next to each other like this because it’s so easy to get a muddy green, which is usually not the color we want in our skies. One trick I personally use when I want yellow and blue or black both used in a sky is to fade the yellow into purple first, then the purple into the blues and blacks. This will help avoid that muddy green tone.


In general, the colors in the sky are fighting with the colors below the mountain. There are a few things you can do to improve on this. One is to use the same colors in the sky that you did in the water. You can also do the reverse and make the water match the sky instead. Either of these adjustments will help the sky and water to feel more like they are a part of the same scene.

My last tip is in getting your photos. Make sure when you photograph your work that you get the image straight on. Right now, this is taken at a slight angle which skews the image. I can’t tell here if your waterline is straight (if it isn’t, make sure to watch out for that in the future), or if it is the angle that the photo was taken.

This piece is really cool, you’ve got a great concept and I still cant get over how much detail you’re able to get with spray paint! Keep up the good work Alex!!