I wanted a dry erase board for my studio, but I didn’t want the big white ones. They just weren’t pretty enough for my space. I finally decided I could make my own and have it totally customized to my own decor.

I started by purchasing an inexpensive unfinished wood frame from the Art store along with some pretty scrapbooking paper. Make sure when you choose your background paper (fabric will also work), that you keep it fairly muted in color and contrast. If you have a crazy pattern or dark colors, the marker will not show up well over it!

To make this board, I took the glass out of it and painted my edges. I used chalk paint that I had left over from furniture I had painted in my studio, but you can use any paint you like. Once that was finished I put the glass back in the frame, then took the backing cardboard and taped my scrapbooking paper to it using double sided tape. I later realized that my cardboard was WAY too flimsy (foam core board would have worked MUCH better than the cardboard the frame came with). I ended up having to use a spray adhesive to attach my scrapbooking paper to keep it from gaping where the cheap cardboard buckled.

After all of that was done, I put the frame back together and hung it on my wall! As I used this over the next few weeks I found the board moving as I wrote on it to be quite annoying, so I picked up some 3M velcro strips¬†(amazon affiliate link) and secured the frame more firmly to the wall with those. If you’ve not used those before, they are AMAZING for stabilizing¬†photos or paintings on your walls that don’t want to stay in place. I’ve even used them on the back of canvases to hang light weight paintings to the wall with no nails!

I found that the medium point black dry erase markers work best on my board. I’ve tried the fine tip but you really can’t see them over my background. The black looks great though!