Everyone is going to have their own opinion on this matter and I already know I’m going to have those who say “I’m just being real!” or “I’m just being myself!” when I share my thoughts.  Everyone has bad or stressful days. Most people don’t want to see more negativity from others on their social media feed. Sure there may be exceptions but the majority of people like to feel good. As artists, we have the ability to help in that, but we also have the ability to make our followers feel uncomfortable by the things we post.

Most of us have fans who follow us on our public and private facebook pages, so I feel this goes for all of your social media accounts. No one needs to hear about how horrible your day is, how mad you are at coworkers (seriously, this is a bad idea to be posting online anyway, yet I see that one happen all the time). If you need to vent about these things (and we all do from time to time), do so in a private group or with a friend in private messages, not publicly. No one needs to hear you whine about you feeling that your work isn’t good enough and you’re planning to give up (you come across as someone fishing for compliments and it just looks desperate),   or that you feel you’re not pretty enough (yeah…saw that one recently…from an artist who physically was attractive, but had a bad attitude that was ruining it). While I am always talking about being human in your posts, there is a line that you don’t need to cross. People who are constantly negative usually push fans away. If you’re not making people feel good…they won’t likely stick around. They aren’t family who are stuck with your bad attitude. They can easily go find someone else who creates similar art but keeps a good attitude on their posts. I’m not going to bore you with all my positive life stuff,  but in your posts online you can pretty easily stick to talking about the positives in your life and your art. There is nothing wrong with sharing your struggles but don’t take it so far that you make everyone feel like they’re watching a drunk ex make a scene at a wedding. And don’t post your struggles more often than your more positive thoughts. It’s just awkward for everyone involved.