We all want people to be as excited about our art as we are. Sometimes it’s hard to get people to stop and look at your work when you post on social media. We tend to take this personally. First…don’t. Second, I’ve got some quick tips on how you can post a shot of your work that is more engaging to viewers.


Social media is FILLED with photos. Photos of art, photos of people’s lunch (no, seriously, why do you think anyone wan’ts to see that?!), photo after photo. One of the problems with art is that there is SO much of it posted, and if you’re really good with realism, sometimes people don’t realize it’s a painting or drawing so they don’t appreciate how awesome it is.  I’ve noticed that when I post a photo of my drawing with my hand holding the pencil, with pencils or paint brushes on or around the artwork, or with myself in the photo, holding the work, people are much more likely to stop, look and comment! It’s so simple but you’re basically reinforcing your brand…which is you. You are what separates yourself from every other artist out there! Now go get into those photos!