Today’s critique is fan art from artist Lior Mazuz. This portrait was completed in graphite and charcoal. Lior’s goal here was to copy the poster but to create more movement. I think you’ve done this SO well with the flames in the background. Your accuracy, shading, and contrast are all amazing!



Looking at things that can be adjusted, there isn’t much. You’ve really done a great job reproducing this poster. The main thing that stands out to me is the arm that is sticking out at you. Now you copied this exactly so there is nothing wrong with your work, but it brings up a good point. When you guys are choosing your reference photo, you have to ask yourself “will this look good recreated into art”. What I mean by that is that so often what makes for a great photo won’t look quite right in a painting or drawing. Even if you copy it exactly. Why is that? When people look at a photo, they accept it as being correct. It’s a photo…photos can’t lie right? Well, they can, but the point is that people just assume everything is “right” when looking at a photo. When looking at a painting or drawing, however, they’re brains shift to “what is wrong in this painting”.  So that arm/shoulder that looked fine in the photo suddenly looks like you drew it wrong in your painting or drawing. This can apply to ANYTHING, but usually its animals and people that it is most obvious in. So what’s the solution? In this case I would have a friend stand in that same pose for you so that you can get an idea of where you might want to better define areas around the shoulder or add shadows to make the form more obvious that it is a shoulder and not a weird ball. I think part of the problem is in the way that they photoshopped Jennifer Lawrence in the poster.

Lior, you asked in your submission if I felt you were ready to sell your work. ABSOLUTELY! You’ve got the skill for sure! But not this. You can not legally sell fan art. I have a video talking about copyright info here that goes into the details of this. If you’re wanting to sell original drawings from photos that you do have rights to draw, you’re absolutely ready for it. Your work is seriously amazing!