I finally went through and updated my site. One of the major problems I was having was that every time I finished a new painting, I would have to make a new page for that painting, include a description, the video of the work in progress, images, and any necessary links. Then I had to go to my gallery (and sometimes one of the portrait pages if needed) and add another image to the group images, get it all lined up and linked back to the new paintings individual page. THEN I had to update my front page with new paintings. The end result of all this work was that I just stopped updating my site regularly. I have a new painting at least once a week. I was about 15 paintings behind when I updated it yesterday. I’ve decided that the best choice for me was to stop making separate pages for each painting, and instead just having the image enlarge in a pop up window from my main gallery instead. SO. MUCH. EASIER!! The downside is that I no longer have full descriptions of each painting. So I’ve decided to do those here. YAY for having a reason to blog regularly now. 😀