If people tell you something enough times, sooner or later it will seem like a good idea. I have officially been brainwashed into thinking I need a blog.  This seems so very narcissistic! Either that I am just asking for a stalker or two. Regardless, if you are reading this you are probably very very alone. There is an app for my phone for this however, and that fact alone makes this process worthwhile. Of course, that means I need to make a new icon…or a new page to make room for the widget for my phone’s homescreens. So many things to consider. These are earth shattering decisions!

Useful words all in a row time:

As I work on new paintings I will be posting step by step photos of the process here. It is always fun to see how many ugly stages I can squeeze  out of a painting before it starts looking good.  To this day my goal is that when I take my finished painting to my mom and ask her if she can tell what it is, she guesses correctly. She is getting pretty good at this game after so many years of practice!

Anyway, welcome and enjoy my first painting of this year “Extempore”

Koi fish, Yosemite Valley, cherry blossom, and sheet music oil painting

"Extempore" 36"x24" oil over acrylic