One of the most tragic things in an artist’s life is having something you spent months on get damaged by poor storage choices. I’ve had this happen several times when transporting paintings to and from art fairs and even when just storing them here at home.  Today I’m going to show you how I personally protect my paintings and drawings from damage.

Once an oil or acrylic painting is completely dry I make  sleeves out of felt. I just take one long piece of the fabric, fold it in half, cut it the size I need, then sew the two side edges so that it’s like a pillowcase.  The paintings just slide in. I then store them on a shelf separated by foam board to keep smaller paintings from pushing on larger canvases and stretching them out. For my colored pencil and graphite pieces, I use art portfolios (seen in the video). You can get these at any art supply store. I get mine from Hobby Lobby where I can then use a 40% coupon to save some money. These are acid-free which is important in making sure your work doesn’t degrade. This keeps them all safe and wrinkle/tear/damage free.