This is an 8″x10″ colored pencil piece I did back in 2008. The model is one of my Italian Greyhounds  posing with my 97 year old acoustic violin. Getting photos was a bit of a challenge because she kept trying to lick the strings. Nom?  This was the last colored pencil I finished before I realized paint thinner could be used in combination with the prismacolors to blend. Oh how I love you paint thinner!

I like to get my dark colors in first. This allows me to better judge the values of the rest of the piece. If I start with my lighter colors first, I  never get things dark enough to start with.

Italian Greyhound with violin art

Italian Greyhound Art in progress

layering in the background

Italian Greyhound Art in progress

starting on the browns in the violin

Finished Italian Greyhound and Violin artwork

Resonate completed!

Prints and phone skins of this piece are available at