Today’s critique comes from artist Miguel Diaz. He has completed this drawing in charcoal and graphite. You said that your goal was on the gaze of her eye, and I think you’ve really done that well. Her eye is actually extremely accurate here to your reference photo. The detailing on her hat looks really nice too! I also like how soft you shaded her lips. Given her nude lipstick in the photo, this was perfectly done!!



Looking at a few things that we can adjust to improve on this drawing even more, first is in the initial drawing. I’ve imported your drawing into photoshop, and layered your reference photo over yours, lining up the eye on both. I then outlined the reference photo so that we could more easily see how accurate your drawing was. When removing the reference photo we can see where most everything is too small in comparison to her eye. Even given that though, I’m really impressed that you still captured the shape of her face quite well. Usually when someone draws everything out of proportion, the features don’t end up looking like the model anymore. That wasn’t the case here. I can see that you do have great drawing skills. I would just double check your proportions as you work to make sure that they are accurate.


Next, for her hair, this feels a bit rushed, which given the detailing that you did on her hat, doesn’t fit with the rest of the piece. Make sure when you draw hair that you spend just as long working on it as you do every other area of the piece.


Untitled-23For the shading, you can safely go much darker on many of these areas. You can see here that when I make your reference photo black and white, how much more contrast you can get everywhere, to achieve the more realistic look that you’re going for. Your photo was taken with lighting that was not ideal, so it appears that the skin on yours is even darker than I think it really is in the original. Notice how much shading needs to be under her cheekbone, around the upper section of her eye, and around her chin in order to really capture that three-dimensional look.


You really did a great job though, I can tell just by looking at this that you’ve got great drawing skills, you just need to spend a bit more time to get the realistic look you’re going for! I can’t wait to see what you draw next!