unnamed (1)Today’s critique was submitted by artist Brianna Gill. You can check out more of Brianna’s work on her Instagram. Brianna’s goals were realism and to practice drawing the human face. this piece was done with pastel pencils. This is so creative, and so well done! I love when I see a concept like this so nicely executed. You’re quite accurate in your drawing, and the shading on DiCaprio’s face is amazing! You’ve got a great understanding of where your lights and darks need to go on the human face in order to achieve that three-dimensional look.

Looking at things we can adjust to improve on this piece even more, there are really only two things that stand out to me. First is DiCaprio’s hair. It feels like it was rushed through a bit. The hair movement is good, but it’s a bit fuzzy. Given how much detail you put into the rest of his face, I would follow up and put just as much work into his hair. It’s important when doing portraits that you don’t rush through areas like the hair or clothes after spending so much time perfecting the face. Every inch of that painting or drawing really is as important as every other inch. Now that doesn’t mean that every inch of the paper or canvas needs to have the exact same amount of detail. if you’ve got a field and trees in the background, you won’t want to add too much detail to those in the distance or you will lose depth in the piece, but you do need to pay attention to how much detail each given area needs and not rush any area because it’s just the background or just the hair.


On Leonardo Davinci’s side, I would add a tiny bit more detail in the hair where it connects to his forehead. Right now, with it being so smooth, it appears to be a bit more of a horn right there than hair. Not too much detail though, you still want it to have the same feel as the rest of the portrait on that side.

Now I’m going to get REALLY nit-picky…but that’s what you get for submitting such a great piece haha! My last tip is on the torn paper. I think if you spent a bit more time on that it would have a more paper-like feel. When I first looked at it I thought it was a zig-zag pattern between their faces. If you can get a more natural, less uniformed pattern there, it will really capture that paper look.


This is SUCH a great piece. I am so impressed by your shading on their faces. I hope you’re crazy proud of yourself right now!!