This week’s critique comes from artist Lisa Boutin. You can view more of her work at

715f9c8d-0af6-41eb-b12f-d2997aafc7d7 You’ve done a great job in drawing this one. Even the detail in her ear is amazing! All of the little black portions are beautifully shaded too!

Taking a look at some things we can adjust to improve on this one even more, let’s look at the shading all around. The majority of this piece is all mid tones. You’ve started to get your highlights in there, but we are missing a lot of the darker portions.

One of the really fun things about colored pencil are all of the colors available to us. In this case I would take some purples, magenta, and even another shade of deeper blue (closer to purple on the color wheel than what you’ve used) to start working more on the shadows.

This isn’t a case where I would say anything is off or wrong at this point, just unfinished. Take the shadows you already have, and darken them up a LOT!










Look at the shadow on the back of her neck, her ear and her face on the left. If you darken these areas up with the deeper blues and some purple, you’re going to make your highlights just pop!

For her hair, it’s the same thing. you’ve already got the hard part done, all the clumps of hair and basic shading of lights/darks. Now take some of that magenta and shadow the left side. This is going to make it look SO much more realistic. Yes, I just used the word realistic on a critique of Mystique haha!