Two nights ago while at the grocery store we walked past a big display of orchids with a hand written sign saying “Orchids 2 for $10”.  I normally don’t buy orchids from stores that don’t specialize in orchids because they always have root rot, but at $5 each I was jumping up and down clapping my hands like an idiot about the flowers that would soon grace my room. I got extra lucky and actually found one orchid that was bone dry with great roots. I have high hopes that the little orchid with the tiny violet flowers will live YAY!! Tonight my husband surprised  me with these peach roses. I figured I ought to take a family flower photo before they die. Their names are “Violet Orchid Noodles”, “Root Rot striped Noodles”, and “Rose Noodles” 😀

Look how nicely the flowers posed. If only I could get my dogs to do the same.

This is the orchid with the healthy roots.

Poor Root Rot Striped Noodles. Even with pulling out half of the moss filling the swamp it was soaking in, it wont likely live too long.