acrylic painting
Normally I spend a LOT of time planning out and designing my paintings and drawings. Typically this is something that I strongly advise others to do before ever hitting the canvas. Sometimes though, its really fun to take a night off and just start painting and see what happens. That is exactly what I did with this painting. I wanted to spend a single night painting and end with a finished project. I wasn’t worried about little details like I have been on so many of my recent paintings. It was a fun little break!

I used liquitex basics and createx airbrush paint on a Fredrix mixed media Nature Core paint board. These canvases are super smooth making for an amazing surface to airbrush on. I use the liquitex basics because of their flat finish, and I honestly prefer their texture to heavier bodied paints for most things. Combining them with airbrush paint is just the perfect combination for me 😀