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Colored Pencil Lesson

Supplies used: (amazon affiliate links)

  • Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor 
  • Fabriano Artistico Extra White Hot Pressed 140lb watercolor paper (this was from the old batch).

Brush and Pencil Products can be found at (not affiliate links)

Copyright Info

I am always happy to have you copy my work for your own practice. Be aware of what reference photo I used, sometimes you will need to purchase the photo from the photographer to use even for practice. I will let you know when that is the case. As a general rule, you can not copy my work and make prints/sell that work. I retain copyright of the work I complete.

If you follow one of my lessons, you are more than welcome to post your work on social media to share what you’ve done, as long as you include in your post that you followed one of my lessons.

You have a bit more freedom this time though. These reference photos were taken by me. You are welcome to use these reference photos in your own work for your own practice exactly as I have, but if you are planning to sell them, make sure your design is not the same as mine 🙂

Reference photos