Kathy writes: Firstly, I would like to say thank you for all of your tips and videos they are extremely helpful! Secondly, I want to know what type of camera you use for shooting videos, is it a normal DSLR? Thirdly,  I have been painting for nearly 13 years and I have progressed a lot and sort of developed a certain way I like to do things. However, I’m in art school (a junior at hunter college) and I’m having so much trouble in my painting classes. My painting teacher and other teachers don’t seem to like my work and neither do the visiting artists. I’m attending a very “modern” oriented school and I don’t fully like modern work so I thought maybe I was having trouble? I’m trying to keep my head up and accept criticism but it seems more like bullying at this point (seeing as how all visiting artists are dear friends of my painting teacher). I’ve been told several times that going against what a teacher wants shows that I’m an artist myself but it’s hard to feel that way especially since I have another year with these teachers. Any suggestions on how to handle this?
Thank you
P.S. I did finish the classes with As…. strange

I love this question! Now I totally understand that many art schools and art teachers push more modern work and I get not being interested in that style. Here is the thing though, you’re paying them to teach you. Learn whatever you can from them. If that means painting in a style you don’t love for class, do it anyway. You might be shocked at what you can learn and then apply to your own style. If they can’t teach you realism or whatever style you’re most interested in, find a teacher outside of your school who paints in a way you want to learn. Do what your teachers want for your class, and then paint whatever style you love most on your own at home.

As for dealing with the criticism of your own work, remember that no matter what style you paint in, there will be plenty to tell you you’re wrong. Art is SO subjective and so many people feel that their opinion is fact.  I made a video not too long ago about the point of photorealism because of how often we have to hear negative comments about our chosen style. You are going to hear more criticism where you’re at just because your style isn’t as popular as the other work at that school. But take advantage of the different styles and techniques they can teach you. There is no reason to be giving them your money if you don’t take what you can get from them! While there, make sure to take advantage of any business or marketing classes they offer. That is one of the most important things you can learn as an artist!!

As for the camera I use, it’s listed in the video description of each of my videos 🙂