Victoria writes: What ways are there for an artist to learn about marketing, social media, branding, etc? (Without all that getting overwhelming and getting in the way with your art)
For example, I’m 20 years old, and I’m a student, just starting with my artistic path, but professional seminars can get pretty expensive sometimes, so it’s impossible for me to afford them, but I don’t want to waste time because of that!!! Is it possible to learn from a book or an online course, and if yes, could you suggest one, please?
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question!! Have a beautiful day! 🙂

I don’t think that the seminars are at all necessary at this point. In the future, you may be interested in them, but honestly, I think that all the information you need can be found online for free. That means more money to go into your art supplies. As artists, we have to balance how much money to spend on each aspect of our business. There are thinks I think we should go the paid option for (our websites, good supplies, camera equipment etc) and things that we can get for absolutely free…like business and marketing tips.

My suggestion is to pick one or two business/marketing people who you are interested and follow just them to start with. As you lose interest in one for whatever reason, THEN try another. Just don’t try listening to everyone all at once. It does get overwhelming and in the way of creating actual art.

The main one I keep up with now is Tim Schmoyer – Video Creators. He has his channel on youtube and a podcast. While his content is really focused around building a youtube channel, he has TONS of tips for branding yourself too, which can be applied to our entire art business.

Another that I used to listen to a lot was Amy Schmittauer of Savvy Sexy Social. I don’t watch her videos much anymore because her content has largely shifted to more personal vlogs and rants, while potentially entertaining, they don’t help me personally. If you go to her playlist you can find some of her older content that is centered around tips for social media, branding and such which is great! She also has a podcast where she talks about business and marketing and gives great advice.

You may also like Gary Vaynerchuck who gives a ton of great advice (warning, he swears a lot).

When time is an issue, I think finding marketing and business podcasts are perfect because we can listen while we paint or draw. Notice that none of my suggestions were targeted around artists. While there are great art tips online for this, you can take ANY business and marketing advice and fit it into what we would do as artists. Don’t limit yourself just to those said to be for artists!