I keep hearing from artists who are discouraged by one more “art rule” thrown at them.

“If you use an eraser or shading tool in graphite, you’re not a real artist.”

“If you use tracing and transfer paper, you’re not a real artist.”

“Never use black paint. Real artists don’t use black paint!”

“Don’t use an electric eraser. That’s cheating.”

“Don’t use reference photos. Real artists only draw from life”.


Every time I hear another of these so called “rules” I just roll my eyes. It’s art! Do these people not understand the point of art?! As long as you’re not degrading the archival quality of your work with the tools and methods you use, who cares how you’re creating your work? You’re creating something that did not previously exist and that is awesome! Good art is good art, no matter the tools, techniques or methods you use to create it.

If you like the results you get from using certain tools…keep on using them and be proud of the work you’re creating!


Check out my video for more of my thoughts on the matter 😀