As artists, social media plays a HUGE role in our business. It isn’t just fun downtime for us, it is a part of our business plan. The problem is that it can start to take over your studio time. It’s SO easy to log onto facebook or twitter just to check for any replies you need to respond to and post your new content only to get sucked into an hour of browsing through other content. There is nothing wrong with this unless you’re doing it several times a day, then complaining that you don’t have time to complete your artwork.

I know first hand how much artists hate schedules. The thing is, if you want to lead a productive and successful ¬†career, you have to get in the habit of using them. I’m grumbling right there with you. My dislike of schedules runs deep. We’re talking crying babies and people on their cell phones in the movie theater deep.

Setting up schedules for when I check my social media posts, when I edit video, when I post blogs, when I paint…all of this has allowed me to double the amount of work I get done each day and feel in control of what needs to happen and when. If you’re lacking painting time, consider how much time you’re spending browsing social media and schedule a time for that that you can stick to.