Today I’m going to give you an assignment. UGGG HOMEWORK! But it’s summer, there is no homework during the summer!! Well, this is fun homework (that’s what they all say, I know).

I want you to find 3 of your favorite art accounts to follow on facebook, instagram, twitter…whatever social media platforms you want a real presence on. Over the next week (longer if you’re really hardcore), take notes for each of these categories:

  • What posts made you want to share/retweet? What exactly about that post inspired you to take that action?
  • What posts made you move along. Did you even read all of that post? What pushed you away from it?
  • How often are they posting? Is it too much? Not enough?
  • Are they sharing more photos or text? Which interests you more?
  • Are they sharing links to other sites/videos and are you bothering to click them, if so, why or why not?

If you’re looking at someone’s facebook fanpage, you will likely have to go directly to their page because most of their posts are probably not showing up on your timeline unless they’re paying facebook to promote.

Over the next week, come back to this blog post and share what you learned from analyzing your favorite art accounts! In looking at these key factors, what will you change (if anything) about how you share on social media?