“I will make videos when I get a better camcorder”

“I will post to social media when I get a better camera”

“I will make a website for my art when  -insert 100 excuses here-”

The excuses to not take those first steps towards what you want to accomplish are endless. They are also just that…excuses. Very VERY few people watching this video don’t have a smartphone. You can record AND take photos with that. You don’t have to have the best tech to get started. Chances are when you get started you won’t have many followers yet anyway. Start being active with social media now anyway.

My first camcorder was a little tiny flip cam that I had gotten for Christmas several years before. I used masking tape and taped it to a shelf behind me to record my first video. It  wasn’t the best quality…or even decent quality for that matter, but it got me started! Had I waited around until I had the money to get better equipment I NEVER would have gotten started with YouTube.

The same can be said for social media. I started with a cheap little point and shoot. My photos were not the best. Certainly not good enough to make prints from, but it got me started! You can do all of these things with just your phone to start off with!!

As for the website, you can make one for free! I’ve talked about this before in this video. Weebly and Wix are just two places where you can get your first website started. You don’t need to invest a lot of time or money with their drag and drop web builders. They have beautiful templates so its easy to make a professional looking and free site. Even if you don’t have a lot of art to post, do it now anyway. Get used to the platform now so that when you do have more to add to your site, you already know how to do it. Plus wanting more art to fill it with may just be the thing that motivates you to get more painting and drawing done!

Go ahead and take those first steps towards your goals now. If you keep making excuses on why you will do it later, you will likely never get anywhere!