Today’s submission comes from artist Travis Luther. You can view more of his work on his Facebook page or on YoutubeHis goal for this acrylic painting was to have fun. I love soooo much about this! The colors work beautifully together, the design and the movement. It’s just stunning!


Taking a look at a few things that could be adjusted to improve on this one even more. First, let’s look at the birds. They have great movement but if a bit more time was spent on getting accurate drawings for position then detailing, this piece would be even that much stronger. While surrealism frees us from a lot of rules, drawing things very accurately will make the piece that much stronger. You’ve got SO much detailing on the nests but the birds don’t really match up with that.

Speaking of the nests, the addition of the blue squiggle things is PERFECT! I think it balances everything out SO well! The shadows from the bubbles and birds is great for adding dimension too.

My last suggestion is on the top mass that the top bird is sitting on. I know that this is surreal but I have no idea what that part is. Surrealism…it’s supposed to be different. I get that, but that mass doesn’t really fit with the rest of the piece. Everything else has more detailing and shading. I like its shape, it balances the piece out nicely, but it feels a bit unfinished detail wise compared to the rest of the piece.

One last thing I want to bring up on this one is the design. While the birds aren’t totally accurate and I’m not sure what’s going on with that upper mass, This piece draws me in more than many photorealistic pieces. Your design is SO strong that many buyers are going to be drawn to this simply for that reason alone. Sometimes we get so caught up on making every little detail super realistic that we don’t pay enough attention to our contrast and composition. The contrast and composition are usually more important than anything else to most audiences and you have done an amazing job with that here!