This week’s submission comes from artist J Hump. You can view more of his work at  I love LOVE your style. I checked out your site and you have a very well defined style in your work. Your paintings just draw you in, both in concept and color choice/values/contrast. They are just all around awesome! On this one the purple and teal combo contrast so nicely with the orange and yellow of the sky. The shading on the mountains, clouds, and foreground is beautifully done. You’ve got great balance throughout the piece.

I have two tips for this one. First is to hype up the contrast mainly on the sky. Brightening up sky yellows moves it from being a bit muddy to a more bold color that is typical in your work.


My next tip is on the water. Now leaving this white can work. You made it work in another piece where you had white behind the rockets in the sky which balanced out the piece as a whole. Here though, it’s the only place where you have that one color solid like this. It causes the painting to almost feel unfinished. By adding a gradient in the water you still stay with the feel of the piece, but it balances it out better so that the viewer’s eye isn’t just drawn to a blank white area. 

Toning that down a bit allows the viewer’s eye to move more freely through the piece.


This is stunning work and I really recommend everyone go check out the artist’s website! He has wonderful pieces posted there!