I read an article recently (although not recently enough that I can remember WHERE I read it) where a guy did an experiment. He made a brand new twitter account. he didn’t post ANY original content. Instead, all he did was retweet things from other people. In the period of one month, he had gained over 100 new followers. Now 100 may not seem like a lot, but it proves how much retweeting can grow your audience.

What sort of things should I retweet? 

First you need to understand who your target audience is. Are your fans other artists? Pet lovers? Connoisseurs of fine tea? Once you define who your target audience is, think like them. What would they enjoy seeing? If your target audience are other artists, you will want to follow people who post things that are interesting to artists. Art business tips maybe? Other artwork? Techniques? Cool art quotes? There are SO many possibilities.


Does it really work? 

Absolutely! For the first several years that I had a twitter account, I only posted photos of my own art…and not often at that which was a mistake all in its own. Mostly my tweets were just links from whatever I posted on my Facebook fanpage.

BTW if you still have your facebook and twitter accounts linked like this, stop it!! Use twitter as a separate platform.  People who are on twitter do not want to be linked back to another social media platform! If you’re going to use it, use it as intended or you’re wasting your time.

Aaaaanyway,  After several years, I had 76 followers. That was years of sharing my twitter account on youtube and having the link on my website. I would gain a new follower, they realized my posts were not regular/uninteresting to them/just facebook links and they would unfollow me. So at 76 I pretty much stayed until I changed my thinking about the platform. I started retweeting cool posts from other artists. I unlinked my facebook and twitter accounts and started posting directly to twitter.  More recently I started retweeting. This made the biggest difference in my followers and engagement. Being that my target audience are other artists, I just find things that interest me as an artist and retweet that. Within the past couple of months of doing this, my numbers have increased faster than ever. It appears that the article I read was correct. Just find cool stuff targeted to your audience and retweet it!