Today’s submission comes from artist Charlotte Bradley. She has completed this tiger painting in acrylics then went over it with polychromos colored pencil for detail. WOW this is stunning. I LOVE how you’ve used the same colors in the background that you did in the tiger. The white speckles add a really beautiful atmosphere to this as well!! The details, your shading, lighting, everything is just beautiful!


I don’t have many tips on this one.  I’m going to have to get super nitpicky to find anything because it is a very strong piece! The main thing I would suggest watching out for when painting fur is that it doesn’t come out too straight and stiff. If you can slightly curve the fur strokes that will give you a softer, more natural look. The next is

The next is for the fur that is overlapping the black. The lighter fur is too translucent to really cover your black so they don’t look like it all is the same texture. We can still see the original straight line between the white and black in many areas on the neck. Make sure to break that up a bit better. This often happens when you block in your base layers very stiffly with clean edges. Even when just blocking in the shapes where the stripes go, make sure to keep your edges fluffier, sticking with the general direction and texture of the fur.  Make sure that you clump these areas more as well. Right now they are more individual strands of fur, getting some variation on the strands of fur overlapping the black will help.

My last tip is on your signature. You’ve got it at the bottom edge of that canvas, so when it’s framed, part of that will get cut off. Raise that up just a bit to allow room for the frame! 😀