Today’s critique comes from artist Marc Charles Tonzillo. He has painted this violin in oils on canvas. It is a 16×20″.  I love the shading and highlights that you’ve done on this piece. It really does look like real wood. The strings are also really nicely done.

unnamed (1)


Looking at some things that we can adjust to improve on this even more, first when you choose a subject, you want to consider who your target audience will be. If it is a violin, typically violinists are going to be the largest group drawn to the painting. The thing is, we have spent thousands of hours holding our instrument, so we have the shape pretty well memorized. When something is off, we aren’t going to want to purchase that piece, so you have to make sure that every little thing is accurate. Let me just tell you how irritating it is for me to see a poster of someone “playing” the violin and they’re holding it completely wrong.

On this piece, the violin is beautifully painted, but the initial drawing was wrong. This is quite square, the bridge is too suqare and straight, the fingerboard is not in proportion to the body, the pegs are too small. These are all things that your target audience are going to notice. We are a picky bunch!

If you readjust the drawing, combine that with your amazing painting skills and this will be confused with a photograph! You’ve got the skill, just take a bit more time to make sure the initial drawing is correct to please your target market!