Today’s submission comes from artist Jenny Si. You can see more of her work over at her deviant art page Jenny has completed this surreal painting in watercolor and white ink. I LOOOVE this. The design and layout is beautiful! It has nice balance and shading and really makes you want to look at it.



darker The only thing I might adjust on this one is the contrast. If you play around with it in photoshop you can get a better idea of what that will look like, then you can decide if you want to darken anything up or leave it as is. You can even do this with phone apps. Take a photo of your work and mess around with it within different photo apps to see what it would look like if you adjusted contrast and such.


In your submission you said ” I am now struggling to find ‘creativity’, I only get good ideas on whims, if you have any ideas about how to get ideas that would be great.”

Here is the thing about creativity. The people whose work you look at and think “OMG that’s SO creative! I could never come up with something like that!”…they have painted and drawn and experimented a LOT to get to that point. It’s not that they have some magic fairy dust sprinkled over them while they sleep that gives them more creativity than the rest of us. Creativity is sort of like a seed. You have to plant it, water it and take care of it to get it to grow. If you throw that same seed up on your shelf with no soil or water, nothing is going to happen!

Let’s look at the painting I recently completed with the whale swimming through the forest. I didn’t start with that idea. I started with paintings of forests with normal things like birds. The more of those I painted the more my mind wandered and thought “this needs a whale!”. While painting this one my mind wandered even more and I came up with ideas for about 4 more paintings that will play off of this idea. Those new ideas wouldn’t have happened had I not painted this one first. This one wouldn’t have happened if I had not painted more basic forests first.

The trick is to just start painting. The more you paint and draw and flex those creative muscles, the stronger they will grow! I have way too many metaphors in this video.

Another thing to remember is that for some reason we don’t usually see our own work is being that creative. At least, I don’t. People will go on and on about how creative my work is. I don’t really see it. I’m thinking “it’s just a collage of stuff I liked”. But to them, it’s super creative. When I see this piece you’ve painted, it looks very creative to me. It’s like our own brains don’t see our own creativity 🙂