It’s so easy to think we need to have our art in all the places. OMG a new social media platform just opened up! I need to be there too! First, go sign up for that platform so you’ve got your username saved. I hate that I have to use Lisa_Lachri on instagram because someone got to @Lachri before I did. So when Ello launched I signed up right away…and then used it for a couple of hours and moved on. You want to be where your target audience is. No one is really on Ello right now, so I’m not going to waste my time posting there…yet. That may change so I want my username saved!

So now that you have your user/brand name saved on 20 different social media platforms, how many should you actually use? 

Use however many you really have time to use regularly. For me, my primary three (besides YouTube) are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’m trying to remember to keep up with google plus because it’s search engine results are amazing, but I’m still not great with it yet.  When I think about it I post on tumblr, but so infrequently that I should probably just stop with that one. Want to see how NOT to use social media? Go check out my tumblr account /fail.


Even if I wanted to post to each of these every day, I wouldn’t have time!

What do I do about that? Pick the few I really want to keep up with, and ignore the rest for now. You don’t have to post to all of the social media platforms out there. If you only have the time to focus on one platform, that is totally ok! Pick one and really focus on mastering writing great posts, good, shareable content, and engaging with your followers there. It’s better to do one really well than all of them badly. If you try and keep up with all of these sites, chances are you will get overwhelmed and end up not really keeping up with any of them well.