Today we’re taking a look at this charcoal drawing (with a bit of colored pencil for the eyes) of a white tiger by artist Dean Williams. I like that you got good contrast in this piece. That can be scary sometimes to get your lights and darks extreme enough, but you did a great job with that! Your sketchy lines for creating texture in the fur is nicely done too.  I also really like the shading that you did in the eyes, beautiful work!


Looking at a few things that we can adjust to improve on this guy even more, first in the drawing. You didn’t submit a reference photo so I found a photo of a white tiger cub in a similar angle to yours to compare (shown in the video below). I lined the photo up with your work based on the size of the nose. You can see that the placement and size of the eyes are quite a bit off in comparison to the nose.  When your goal is realism (which you said it was), you want to spend extra time making sure that your initial drawing is accurate. If you’re not working from a reference photo, that is step one. Get a good photo to work from. Realism does not normally come from what is floating around in an artist’s head. We need something to look at because how we remember things looking is not usually how they actually look.

Even as this guy is he is REALLY cute, a few adjustments on your next piece and it will be that much better!