I hear so often from artists who say they wish they could complete art like I do. Guess what…YOU CAN! The only thing stopping you are the limitations you place on yourself. I didn’t have some magical fairy dust sprinkled on me as a child that made it possible for me to create things that you could not. I have spent my life working on my skills. I didn’t start off particularly well either. No child prodigy here!

“But theirs is so much better than mine!!”

When you see an artist’s whose work is what you want yours to be, don’t sit there kicking yourself, figure out what the difference is between their work and your own. And “theirs is better” is not what I’m talking about. I mean pinpoint the exact differences. Is it their lighting? Their color? Their blending? The accuracy in their drawings? If you can pinpoint those differences it will give you a great starting point! Yes, our brains all work differently and some people are wired to see things in a way that others are not, but you can develop the skills needed to create stunning paintings if you give yourself the chance and stop beating yourself up because you’re “not good enough”.

STOP Looking for Shortcuts 

One last tip I have for you is to stop looking for shortcuts. I get messages from people all the time asking “How do I draw a realistic (insert subject here)?” No one can give you an answer to this besides practice! As artists, one of the biggest skills we can develop is problem-solving. I can always tell when an artist hasn’t even really tried to trouble shoot on their own because they are looking for the easy answer still. You need to learn to perfect your drawing skills, your lighting, your contrast, everything! This comes with time and practice, not from someone giving you a magical formula that can be answered in a simple message or email. Yes, you can get tips from other artists, but those are more specific “how do I get my sky to blend smoothly in acrylic paint?” This is something that someone can give you an answer to, but “how do I paint a cat” is just too broad and tells the artist that you’re not really serious about trying to learn because you’ve not spent much time trying.

You can be as amazing as you want if you stop putting limitations on yourself! No fairy dust required! When you see those artists that you want to be like, be encouraged that if you work hard, you will be there one day too!