Each month I have two different group challenges that you can get involved in. The first is through Patreon for patrons who pledge $9 or more a month. Along with access to my weekly 1-2 hour videos, a monthly thank you postcard with one of my most recent paintings or drawings, this group has a challenge that has a sort of lesson plan involved that is based around helping them grow as an artist. What does that mean? Well, this month’s challenge was a leopard where we were focusing on fur, and paying close attention to the direction of the fur and creating fur texture. Sometimes we’re focusing on creating depth with a blurry background, or shine on feathers where I give tips on things to watch out for or problems to avoid. These patrons get access to our private facebook group where they can share their work in progress and ask for advice from other artists in the group.

The second group challenge is open to everyone. I don’t have so much of a lesson involved here, but everyone paints/draws/sculpts something within the same theme. This month was “Eggs”. Something that came from an egg, eating an egg, breakfast plates with eggs, or even an egg mobile haha! Some of the stuff you guys come up with is just SO CREATIVE!!!

To join that group, head to either our facebook group  or our gPlus group (if that link doesn’t work for you, just search “Lachri Group for Artists”)


So sit back and enjoy the amazing art!