Toady’s critique comes from artist Obaid Faraj. You can check out the video for this piece here

This portrait was completed in charcoal of his father. This piece is so well done. You’ve really improved on that reference photo with your lighting and contrast. I like that you simplified his shirt because too much high contrast detailing there would have drawn attention away from his face.

Taking a look at a few things that we can adjust to improve on this piece even more. First, while contrast is a big deal, you want to make sure that you don’t overdo the contrast in the wrong areas. In doing that you can make it appear that some of the planes on the face are completely different than they are in reality. This is most noticeable around the mouth. ¬†This edge of the face is a bit overexaggerated. Really we just need to tone down the contrast here. For the lips, the adjustments were similar in just adjusting contrast. By pulling out the highlights just a bit, it makes your darks stand out that much more. You also really want to watch the edges of the lips. On a man, the lips will almost fade into the skin around them. You don’t want any definite lines here, but softer shadows.

All of his hair, including his head, eyebrows and beard is really well done. The one thing I would adjust is on his chin, the center lighter area is too smooth compared to the rest of the hair. Adding a bit of detail there will even it out. Also watch the direction of the hair here. You’ve curved it in the opposite direction from how it is growing on the reference photo.

This is such a beautiful way to remember your dad, you have done such a great job on this piece.